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Artemis is discriminative from others by one-to-one crossdressing service.
Please check our service items listed below and make your own crossdressing plan per your preference. 2 (two) female staffs support you in the salon.

y1zPrice and fee
1.For 1st visit
a. 3hrs course \30.000
b. 4hrs course \40.000
c. 5hrs course \50.000
2. After 2nd visit
a. 2-5 @5% discount
b. 6-9 10% discount
c. 10- 15% discount

Please note that ARTEMIS accepts cach only.

y2zAvailable cource design
Select one course from below

EIndoor course
Make over (salon) & Photography (salon)
a. 3hrs course @1 or 2 coordinates.
b. 4hrs course @2 or 3 coordinates.
c. 5hrs course @3 or 4 coordinates.
ycoordinatez means a set of clothing and make-up

EGuided outing course
Make over (salon) & Guided outing
a. 4hrs course @1 coordinate and 1.5hrs outing
b. 5hrs course @1 coordinate and 2.5hrs outing
@1 coordinate ,photography(salon) and 1hr outing
c. 6hrs course @1 coordinate and 3.5hrs outing
@2 coordinates, photography(salon) and 2hrs outing
ycoordinatez means a set of clothing and make-up

EOutdoor Photography course
Make over (salon) & Outdoor Photography
a. 5hrs course @1 coordinate and 2.5hrs outing

< For wearing KIMONO >
Please count 3hrs for 1 (one) KIMONO trial and 5hrs for a conbination trial of 1 (one) KIMONO and any others.

< For fluent Japanese speaker >
We can design more flexible courses if you are a good Japanese speaker.
If you are not, it is difficult to arrange that way within a limited time.
We will be pleased hearing your challenge in Counceling time on your visit.

< All services include >
Head to toe transformation:
Make-up, dresses, shoes, accessories, wig, stocking , bra(S`L), paper panty,nail color, fake eyelush, wig styling, wig change, make-change, make-down

Photography (salon):
You can get unlimited digital record of snapshots by CD-R or USB.

We usually use cameras listed below.
@E Nikon D90
@E Nikon D70
@E Canon G7

< Please note >
The price does not include meals, drinks, cab fare and entrance fee etc. for both you and the staff (2persons).@For guided outing course and outdoor photography course.
Outing time includes time for traveling.
Outdoor photography course does not provide indoor photography.

< Attention >
We do not accept those aged 19 or under.
Neither smoking nor the consumption of alcohol is permitted in any of the salon.
We would like you to shave your face and visible parts of your body prior to make-over.
There are no sexual services offered by any of our staff. Artemis does neither arrange encounters of a sexual nature nor accept wearing excessively sexy clothes (including underwear and nude) for taking photography.
There is possbility being refused making pictures in some area.
We do not accept any reservation if you have a record of no contact and / or no show in the past.

y3zFree dresses
To support your personal plan, we provide a wide range of clothes with broad variety, from traditional kimono and yukata to modern casual dress, wedding dress, maid-uniform, high-school-uniform and more like anime-costume, or lolita-costume cc etc.
You can choose any one from them to wear in any course for money free.

Procedure of our service
1.@Indoor course

You are a movie star here. You and we will make one work of crossdressing as a team. We will ask more detail to make clear picture of your preference. If you have any question or request at this point, please tell us without hesitation.
Select time

You can select todayfs dresses from more than 500 of different types in Artemis wardrobe. Our staff will recommend nice coordinates for you.@Then you are ready to change into dresses in changing room.

The staff puts on makeup to realize the best fit for you listening to your taste carefully. You will be surprised by the process of approaching woman within several minutes which is reflected in the mirror. This is one of the exquisite tastes of cross-dressing.
A moving encounter

Itfs the time of you to change into the woman not only for the aspect but for your mind too. We are sure you must be lovely woman. Letfs start dramatic moving !!!
Indoor Photography

Just feel like a fashion model. The staff will give good advise about the way of feminine posing. Just relax, and enjoy!!!

It is time to return to the real world. The staff removes your makeup completely. No one can find any trace of your secret experience.

2.@Guided outing course
We would love to support your outing as a woman. Let us know your request in advance. You can choose the activity like shopping, sight seeing, having a dinner or just walking around. Our guided outing service is broadly suitable from first outing as a woman to experienced crossdressing habit.

3.@Outdoor Photography course
Standing in the magnificent scenery of Yokohama, you can enjoy the photography. Again, you can act like a fashion model or a movie star with yourself ( sorry, staff can not be taken with together).
Daytime is better than night for this service because of the light condition.
Therefore we recommend you to make a reservation for the afternoon.
If itfs rain unfortunately, the location will be chosen from indoor photo spots like shopping mall, restaurant etc.