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Owner greetings

Thank you for your visit to this site. I am Kaede Mizuha, the owner of Crossdressing service & Photo studio ethe Salon Artemisf (since 2003) in Yokohama, Japan.

I have desired to spread my thought about JOSOU style since the first stage of my business with Artemis. I have kept sending the message to people, not only through my work at the salon but through some media occasionally, wishing my message to be accepted by both the crossdressers and people who are not enjoying crossdressing yet.
It was the age 26 of me when I started to challenge introducing a new idea to the crossdressing industry.
At that time, although I had dreamed the crossdressing filled with the art and fashion, but almost all crossdressing shops were connected to sex industry and had nothing to do with art, fashion, and culture.

And now, I am pretty sure that I stand closely to the dream which I drew on my canvas in those days. There are several shops following Artemisfs style though they are not so many .
@@JOSOU()c means crossdressing in Japanese
@@JOSOU style c means Artemisf s own crossdressing style

Reviewing the Japanese crossdressing history, it looks having taken a part of culture. During the time Edo era and before, we could see itfs close contact to daily life of citizens. However it was isolated from the activity in the public society as a sort of taboo in Meiji era until the end of WW U. Recently, Japanese crossdressing has been re-evaluated and is getting a better position. In this process, I believe that Artemis has participated in some of the role.

I believe JOSOU and JOSOU style would be accepted by people regardless the nations they belong, as like as there is no border for the art.
And I can say that Japan is a comfortable country for crossdressers comparing to ones where prohibit crossdressing due to religious and / or political issues.
In the world of Artemis, you can simply wear womenfs clothes and go out almost anywhere you want.

I would like to offer you to experience the JOSOU style and to feel a part of Japanese modern culture at a time. I promise you to discover a variety of good things for your manfs life by the experience of having womanfs perspective or womanfs aspect of yourself.
My dream is always growing and I hope strongly that I will see you soon.

My warmest regards to you,@