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JOSOU style, the Artemis way of crossdressing, pursues itfs ultimate target by itself. When we talk such ultimate target, we always stress important two issues.

First of all, we believe that the service to our guest at the salon completes by creation of natural atmosphere of woman. Creating an ordinary woman at whom you look on the street everyday, everywhere is our best.
To achieve such status, we have investigated and challenged much for make-up method including realization of soft and fair look on their skin etc.
In regard to this issue, please pay your attention to the guided outing course and the outdoor photography course in our service items.
Under the firm belief of owner Kaede, Artemis adopted those outdoor courses from early stage of itfs business and has lead the industry in Japan. You can see her belief in what she says gA name of crossdresser should be given only to the crossdresser fitting to streets h.
If you take such outing courses with us you will realize up-graded crossdressing and feel the heart of woman .

Secondly, we would like to introduce another ultimate target of us.
That is establishment of an ideal way for supporting our guests with the concept gDo-it-yourself as much as possible, we help you with our pleasureh.
Our stuff is confident about helping the guestfs self-development activities for skilful make-up method as well as dressing beauty manner.
Depending on such concept, we will answer to the question from our guests in various occasion.
Taking an advantage of our service, most of our guests find themselves that they can do by themselves within a short period of experience with us. Both our guests and us climb the steps to reach higher grade cross-dressing by repeating that way.

Locating in Yokohama, one of popular visiting area in the world, Artemis has a lot of advantage on providing programs for our guests. There are big shopping centers, number of beautiful parks, China town, many restaurants with good meal from every kind of cuisine. You can visit either or both bay side area and hill top area. It takes only half an hour by train from the center of metropolitan Tokyo.
Just think to visit us additionally to your traveling plan in Japan and enjoy a cross-dressing trip in the manner of your preference.

We coordinate personal crossdressing plan depending on your request. You can be a Japanese girl if you want. Then you can make shopping, visiting park, enjoying good food as a girl and finally you get your in-house and/or outing photography by digital records.
For supporting such personal plan, we provide a wide range of clothes with broad variety, from traditional kimono and yukata to modern casual dress, wedding dress, maid-uniform, high-school-uniform and more like anime-costume, or lolita-costume cc etc.

To meet to some request about keeping privacy or secrecy, each guest is requested to make reservation prior to the visit to the salon. We keep complete isolation of the guest from other guests by such arrangement. All staffs in our salon are women who would be pleased if they could share the time of meeting with you as same women.

Please note and keep it in your mind that Artemis and all stuffs will never provide nor accept any sexual service in any extent. We also do not accept the requests which expose excessively sexy wearing, underwear and non-wearing.

Our service is the best ! It makes you dramatic moving.